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Hi! My name is Tillie!

After graduating from Aveda Fredric’s Beauty Institute in 2020 and touring many salons with different specialties in the Indianapolis area, I started my career in professional braiding and natural hair styling.

I started at a small neighborhood salon to learn from established stylists with decades of experience. Braiding was my first skill and is my current specialty. I started braiding and styling my own hair in middle and high school which progressed into doing family members and friends hair. Once I graduated high school and it was time to pick a college and major I realized I was not interested in the "traditional" way of life. I mean lets be real, another 4+ years of college after 12 consecutive years of schooling? Not interested. So I decided to maximize my potential and expand on a skill I already had.

In December 2021 I established That1Studio: a semi-private, all inclusive salon experience. My motivation? Wanting to be the stylist I wish I had. After observing my industry peers and the state of the beauty industry itself amongst other things I wanted to create a culture of convenience and care by being all inclusive.

Then, in August 2023, I opened my first salon: Brown Sugar Suites. A collective salon space for self-employed cosmetologists and barbers. It is a small and intimate salon setting but a BIG deal. I put a lot of time, money, and effort into my business and I don't mind taking risks. Change is uncomfortable, but it is the only way to true success, happiness, and prosperity.

 I am optimistic to expand on these ideals but for now you can expect the usual from me: educating about hair care one TikTok and YouTube video at a time.  


what you can expect

An all inclusive experience

 A shampoo service (shampoo, condition, and blowout) is included in all services. Braiding hair is included in all single extensions services such as knotless braids, faux locs, passion twists, etc in a select range of colors.

Hair and scalp health is the #1 priority

There's plenty of talent in the city as far as styling, but here your natural hair and scalp health will always be put first. Declining services that may compromise hair health is just one way I preserve integrity.

A 1-on-1 encounter

For both client and stylist safety and comfort you can relax knowing only we will be present inside of the studio during your appointment. No other guests are allowed. We are able to have important conversations regarding your hair health and overall well-being without the worry of embarrassment. 

Above standard sanitary practices

All included hair is disinfected with apple cider vinegar prior to your appointment. This disinfecting process limits allergic reactions, itching, and rashes amongst other scalp discomfort. A successful protective style is one that is comfortable, manageable, promotes length retention, and does not jeopardize the health of the scalp or hair.

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