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I advertise and promote my work on various social and physical platforms. By booking with me, you agree to be recorded, videographed, and/or photographed throughout and/or after your service is finished. Faces are avoided in video and pictures but may not be totally out of view. Clients are not compensated for any digital and/or printed media as I own the rights to all media.


A 30% non-refundable deposit is due at time of booking which is credited towards your total. Deposits are only refunded if the appointment is canceled by the service provider. Deposits are only transferable if the rescheduled appointment is booked within the same month as the exisiting appointment, even if booking for the following month has opened. 


 The remaining balance can be paid via exact cash, card payment (+$10 processing fee), or Afterpay (+8% service fee). Payment is to be brought to appointment with you. A valid debit/credit card is required on file to book. In the event of any chargebacks or disputes, legal action will be taken immediately.

Cancellations & Rescheduling

Clients may cancel their appointment via the original email confirmation if cancelling at least 24 hours prior to the start time of the appointment. Within 24 hours of your appointment please email to communicate your cancellation. Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance will result in an automatic forfeiture of deposit. This deposit will not be credited to any future services. There are no exceptions.


How to reschedule 
In the case that the appointment is cancelled 24 hours prior to the start time, the client must reschedule their appointment within the same month in order for the previous deposit to apply.

This applies even if booking for the following month has opened. 

Once you cancel the appointment, please allow 24 hours to receive a coupon code via email in the amount of your deposit to use to reschedule. The coupon will automatically expire on the last day of that month. The coupon can be used on any service that exceeds the amount of the coupon.

Example: A $100 coupon can only be used on services equal to or greater than $100.


If there aren’t any available dates for your preferred service (especially if you’re booking braid extensions) you may have to select a service with a lesser duration to find an open slot. You may not be able to receive the same service but you will at least be able to use your deposit towards that service. Example: If you can’t find a slot for small knotless, see if there is a slot for medium knotless. If there is still not an open slot, continue choosing styles with lesser durations such as natural styles. If you still cannot find a slot, email Please keep in mind there is still no guarantee you would receive the same service or preferred time.


If you cancel your appointment, receive a coupon, and do not book a new one within the same month, your previous deposit will not transfer to any future appointments and will be forfeited since the coupon expires automatically at the end of that month. This does not apply to severe weather conditions. Severe weather is out of our control and you will be able to reschedule anytime within the current or following month.

"No call, no shows" will be banned from booking and will result in an additional charge of 50% of the remaining balance to the card on file. You are considered a no-show after 15 minutes of your appointment time without communication.

The card on file will be charged for any additional fees. If the payment is unsuccessful an invoice will be sent to the email on file. If the invoice remains unpaid after 7 days of sending, legal action will be taken. In the event of any chargebacks or disputes, legal action will be taken immediately.

Late arrival

There is a 15 minute grace period which starts immediately at the start time of your appointment. However, your service may be modified to compensate for the lost time with no price adjustment. At 15 minutes the appointment is voided as a no-show and an additional 50% charge of the remaining balance will apply. After 15 minutes, even if you are en route to or just arriving at your appointment I will not be able to service you. To avoid inconveniencing following clients I follow a strict 15 minute policy.

If your appointment has to be rescheduled more than 2 hours later (on the same day and at the fault of the service provider) your service will be discounted by $15. If your appointment has to be rescheduled to a later date (at the fault of the service provider) you will receive a $15 credit. This credit is honored towards the remaining balance of the rescheduled appointment.


I will communicate via email as soon as possible if I need you to come at a later time. The only time this will not apply is if access to the salon is blocked by an incident or investigation by the police or emergency personnel or extreme weather conditions. In this case, both parties are inconvenienced by things out of their control. Once the appointment is rescheduled all policies renew and apply to the rescheduled appointment.

Salon Etiquette and Policies

No extra guests are allowed whatsoever. This reduces the risk and spread of infection or disease and the salons liability. I reserve the right to dismiss and/or ban any guests for any reason. 


There can be no excessive use of vulgar or inappropriate language.

I am only able to service adults who can tolerate sitting for the duration of their service. I can not work on any one who is extremely tender-headed or needing multiple breaks besides using the restroom. Any behavior that interferes with my ability to work efficiently will result in a void of appointment and will not be continued.

In the case of a voided appointment, 50% of the remaining balance will be charged to the card on file or can be paid in person. If the payment is refused or disputed legal action will be taken immediately.


I do not offer refunds. If there are any issues within 48 hours of a style being installed, such as extensions slipping out or unraveling, I will fix the issue at no additional charge. No refund of transactions will be made. After this 48 hour period an additional $50 fee will apply for any minor touch ups as it is past the period of my responsibility. Minor touch ups are only available from 48 hours to 7 days of having the style.

To avoid disappointment, please make sure to read the service description on the booking site to make sure you are a good candidate for the style you'd like to book. I offer detailed descriptions for all services so you know how long the natural hair has to be, what hair types are ideal for that style, and how long you can expect it to last.

Length Restrictions

Each service has a description where you can find how long the natural hair needs to be for that style. The ideal length of hair to be braided is 4+ inches long (about the length of a credit card) to prevent using excessive tension and to ensure the style is secure. However, if the natural hair exceeds the length of extensions you'd like to book, you must book a longer style. It is best if the natural hair stops 4-6 inches before the end of the extension. 

If a client books a service but does not meet the length requirement or exceeds the length limit for the style, the appointment will be voided upon arrival. In the case of a voided appointment, 50% of the remaining balance will be charged to the card on file or can be paid in person. If the payment is refused or disputed legal action will be taken immediately.

Original service times are determined by an average amount of hair. If the clients hair exceeds this average when stretched, a time extension will need to be added on to the service when booking. If this time extension is not booked, the service/style will be modified to fit within the original service time frame which may mean larger parting, a simpler moderation of the selected style, or a shorter length if single extensions were booked.

Hair Health & Appointment Preparation

An intermission period is required between any single extensions to allow the hair and scalp a chance to rejuvenate and for the stylist to track the progress and health of hair & scalp. This policy applies to any and all kinds of extensions that have been installed for 4+ weeks. If a natural style isn't booked with the stylist please leave the hair out for at least 7 days prior to appointment after removing the extensions. 

I will deny and/or void any booking of a style if I notice any scalp abrasions, lesions, infections, or other indications that you are unfit for a new style. Your appointment will also be voided if you arrive without taking down a previous style, there is unmanageable buildup, knots, and /or excessive tangling or matting. Unfortunately I do not offer a dematting service at this time.

Please refer to your confirmation email for address, studio location, and how you should prepare for your appointment.

Pickup & Dropoff

If you are dropped off please inform me so I can let you know within the proper amount of time for you to contact your ride prior to the end of your service. After your service is finished you will be moved to the downstairs lobby until your ride comes. If it is closing time for the salon and there is no one available to occupy you in the salon, you will have to wait outside of the salon for your ride regardless of weather conditions or time of day.


Upon acceptance of a travel request, a mandatory travel fee will be due to be paid via invoice. This fee varies by state. This fee confirms and insures travel plans and is non-refundable. Payment for the chosen service(s) is due upon service completion. The mandatory travel fee is only refundable if the plans are canceled by the service provider.

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