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Travel request

In another state (outside of Indiana) and would like for me to come to you? Submit a request here.

The following mandatory travel fees will be added to your original service total depending on your location:

New York, California, Nevada, Texas, Florida:

4+ week advance notice +$900

Less than 4 week advance notice +$1050

All other US mainland states:

4+ week advance notice +$700

Less than 4 week advance notice +$800


You will be serviced privately at a professional salon suite of my choice or AirBnb which will have a complete salon setup. I do not do house calls for my own safety and for your own privacy*. Providing any additional details such as disabilities, age, status, and reason for request helps me pick the best accommodations for you.

The mandatory travel fee is due at time of confirmation so that travel plans can be finalized and insured. This fee is non-refundable. The original service total is due upon service completion.

If there are multiple people to be serviced an additional $100 fee will be applied per person (apart from each original service total) to accommodate a longer stay. This fee is due at time of confirmation and is non-refundable. Up to 2 people can be serviced per day with at least an hour lunch and rest break.

Get in touch for more details and contract.

*House calls may be honored if there is a complete salon setup (shampoo bowl with connected hot and cold water, styling station, hydraulic chair) in a designated area of the home.

12:00 PM

Thanks for submitting!

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