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 rental opportunities

When will space become available?

Suites are now available and move in ready. I am in the process of creating a separate website where pictures and videos will be posted. For now you can see a sneak peek  @brownsugarsuites on Instagram.

Who will be able to rent studio space?

 Licensed & insured cosmetologists are preferred who offer the following services:

> Loctitian offering loc starting, styling, and maintenance.

> Extension specialist offering wigs, weaves, sew ins, quick weaves, etc.

Non-studio space will be available for 1 of the following service providers:

> Lash Tech

> Makeup Artist

Unfortunately, certifications are not accepted as individual entities unless accompanied with proper state cosmetology licensing.

What are the responsibilities of a booth renter?

Booth rental is legally defined as an establishment or business attached to or within a licensed salon or shop that is operated independently by a licensed booth renter. This means rentees are not an employee of the salon who are paid a set wage, but instead a contractor/sole proprietor of their business generating their own income and setting their own hours. A rentee is simply paying to run their business within the salon and must abide by the requirements of state board for their specific license. This means all necessary licensing, tools, equipment, products, marketing, etc needed to run your business are the responsibility of the rentee. Some of these responsibilities are:

> Towels 

> Combs, clips, brushes 

> Cleaning and disinfecting products 

> Scheduling, payment, and telephone service

> Marketing and social media management

All of the expenses from running your business are tax deductible but are your sole responsibility to provide.

*Rentee = person renting space

*Renter= owner of salon

General Salon Rules and information

All renters are required to have in effect and provide proof of professional & general liability insurance within 60 days of moving in including coverage of negligence, theft and damage of equipment, total loss, and general protection of your business in the amount of no less than $1,000,000.

All renters will have 24/7 access to the salon & WiFi.

All renters are responsible for keeping their space in good condition, excluding normal wear and tear. Any abnormal damage to the flooring, walls, curtains, shampoo bowls, or other equipment will be repaired or replaced at the booth renters expense.

No children or additional guests unless being serviced. This location does not have a formal waiting area so all guests of stylist will be required to stay within the renters space.

How much is Booth Rental?

Medium Suite: $650/mo    

Large Suite: $750/mo 

Booth: $500/mo 

Booth rental contract

This document contains all the information and policies of renting a space with Brown Sugar Suites. This will be required to be signed by the renter and salon owner and will serve as protection for both. Please look it over to be sure Brown Sugar Suites is the right salon for you. Subject to changes.

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